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You're about to discover what most Americans don't know about Astrology and how you can use this little-known information to give an immediate boost to all areas of your life.

Astrology is everywhere and people use the basics every day with much success, and the great thing is...

it works... well, most of the time.

You see, people only use the most basic part of Astrology, the Star Sign, not realizing that the Sun is only one of ten planetary bodies that have a massive effect on our daily lives.

The 10 Ruling Planets and What They Say About You

Each of the 10 planets are located in a particular sign of the Zodiac. These planets act as your "Ten Teachers", each one offering you a different valuable life lesson:

the Sun reveals your identity ... the motives and urges dominate your life, as it appears to others
the Moon reflects your emotions ... it is your heart's teacher, showing you how to meet your deepest needs and innermost desires
Mercury reflects your thinking ...
Venus reflects your values
Mars reflects your drives
Jupiter reflects your wisdom
Saturn reflects your challenges
Uranus reflects your originality
Neptune reflects your transcendence, and the way you attain your dreams (as well as whether you are successful!)
Pluto reflects your transformation
In addition to these planets, you also have North and South Nodes, signifying where the Sun and Moon 'intersect' in the sky
south node
South Node subconscious behaviours that may be sabotaging or limiting your efforts
north node
North Node the positive strategies you should be using to counter or eliminate these subconscious behaviours


The 12 Houses - Each Describing a Different Part of Your Life

Each planet in your birth chart is also located in a particular House ... and each House describes a different "department" of your life.

The first six houses are concerned with internal issues, including your self development and expression:

First House your Identity and individuality
Second House Values, finances and possessions
Third House your Mind, Communication, and Travel
Fourth House your Home, your Family
Fifth House Creativity ... love, romance and sexual desire ... children
Sixth House your Work, health, and diet

The next six houses are concerned with external issues, including how you relate to others:

Seventh House your dealings with others, adversaries
Eight House Sharing, your finance and tax issues, your hidden powers
Ninth House your Intellect and beliefs
Tenth House your Personal Ambitions
Eleventh House your Friendships and Social Life
Twelfth House Isolation, Withdrawal

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Remember, the planet reveals what energy needs to be expressed or understood. The sign reveals how that planet's energy shows itself, and the house reveals what area of life it occurs in.

All of this is shown on your Natal Chart.


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